Who We Are

We're passionate about tacos, queso, and community

Our History

We were founded in 2020 by Arielle and Robert Ashford – both in recovery themselves – out of a desire to put out more good in the world. Whatever we do, our community, our friends, and our families come first.

Unity Taqueria is part of a family of community-driven businesses and organizations, including Unity Yoga and Unity Recovery in Manayunk. 

You can stop by the Taqueria at 5420 Ridge Ave in Roxborough any time to learn more and just say hello!

What We Value

Unity Taqueria (our friends call us Unity Taco) exists for two reasons – great food and connected community. We believe that fresh ingredients, investing in people, and celebration of diversity are the keys to a full stomach and a full heart.

We’re dedicated to serving up the best Tex-Mex Tacos, Burritos, Nachos, and Queso you’ve ever had, while investing in our community, people living in recovery and those returning from the justice system.

"Finally, Philly has a taco shop that knows how to make a real batch of queso! Our family would eat at Unity every day if we could."
- Sarah Thomas -
"Nothing better than supporting the community while getting bomb mexican food - thanks for being amazing Unity Taco!"
- Louis Ramos -
"Unity helped me transition back into my community after entering Recovery. They provided me a job, training, and purpose."
- Jean Summers -